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Society Officers

President: Kenn Livingston
Vice President: Trucia Babladelis

Secretary: Irene Livingston

Treasurer: Starr Waldron

Barbara Adams
Margaret DerHammer
Dale Martinson


Recording Secretary:

Mary Anne Britvec


Web Master: Ilah Henderson

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The Oshtemo Historical Society was formed by citizens in 2004 for the purpose of obtaining, researching, preserving and disseminating materials related to the history of Oshtemo Township. It supports, encourages and provides historical information for all.


We often meet on the third Thursday of each month at the Oshtemo Township Hall. This meeting usually consists of an entertaining and educational program, refreshments, a social time and a business meeting. Visitors are always welcome at these free meetings and membership is open to everyone for a very small fee. Oshtemo Township is located within Kalamazoo County in the state of Michigan. The Township office is located at 7275 West Main Street, Kalamazoo Michigan.


















A major project is assisting Oshtemo Township in the restoration of the heritage home of one of Oshtemo's first settlers, Benjamin and Maria Drake. The Drake house is located at 927 North Drake Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan. This 14-room house was built in 1853 and rebuilt in 1883. The last time it was a family home was in 1994, when Helen Frays sometimes lived in it. The house was abandoned at that time until Oshtemo Township Officers rescued it from a plan to destroy it. The Oshtemo Historical Society partners with the township in restoring the home and developing a 26-acre park for public use.



We are posting a link for you to see the results of a drone photographer for a birds eye view of the property and home.










The Hidden, Historic Drake House in Kalamazoo

A Drone flyover of the Drake farmstead captured this view, click on the link below to see.




OHS is in the business of collecting, organizing and maintaining information about the township of Oshtemo and its people. Photographs, genealogy, stories, documents, and many other interesting articles are already in their collection and we accept donations regularly. We are a registered charity so donations are tax deductible.


"The more you know about the past the more prepared you are for the future”
Theodore Roosevelt


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